EveryDistrict’s Implementation Plan to Make it Happen

EveryDistrict’s focused plan will help Democrats build a strong foothold in the Senate, the courts, the House, and the states.

In this report, we’ve articulated the different levers for the future of power in this country. In each section, we articulated the activities that Democrats broadly, and EveryDistrict specifically, can take over the next few years.

The goal of these activities is simple: build the conditions for a long-term and powerful Democratic majority and render the current iteration of the Republican Party impotent.

Among the steps that we’ve articulated in this document, the following are the five core activities that Democrats can and should launch over the next six months to build for the long term:

The opportunity that these strategies afford is tremendous – to convert Democrats from a majoritarian party with limited control of the levers of power to the dominant political force in this country. The stakes are too high not to invest in this future.

EveryDistrict is poised to build on our work in the states to advance a program to build power in the red, purple, and blue states. Using the data and relationships we’ve built, we will work with partners to get more Democrats elected in more places, push democratic reform forward, and create a vision of progressive change even in some of the redder parts of the United States. Specifically, we plan to:

We firmly believe that there is no more important geography to invest in over the next twenty years than the battleground, majority-making state legislative districts. For too long, Democrats have pursued a top-down, candidate-focused strategy that has not paid dividends in building long-term power. Building infrastructure in these state legislative districts is critical to truly understanding what motivates voters in these communities and turning their concerns into a powerful pro-Democratic message.

Here’s why this bottom up strategy is so important: if we can build enduring, Democratic state legislative majorities, then we will have built winning statewide Democratic coalitions that will allow us to win the presidency, expand our Senate and House majorities, and grow the number of Democratic governors and statewide officers.

Join us in this work by donating here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/the2040project.

To learn more about EveryDistrict’s pathbreaking work to build Democratic power from the states up, visit our website at EveryDistrict.us and contact our Executive Director, Nicole Hobbs at nicole@everydistrict.us.